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Central Coast Solar News & Updates

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Understanding Your PG&E True-Up Bill

When you go solar, PG&E puts you on an annual billing schedule. You’ll still get a monthly statement for about $9 – $10, which...
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The Solar Industry Needs Veterans

The US Department of Energy has multiple programs for veterans interested in becoming part of the renewable energy and cybersecurity industries....
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Solar Brokers FAQ

Using a broker to go solar gives you a huge advantage over working with a company salesperson! You’ll be better informed about your choices,...
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Not Your Everyday Solar Installation

The owner of Paso Robles Glass wanted to take his business solar, but there was one problem: He doesn’t own the building. Like many business owners,...
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Commercial Solar – A Win/Win for Landlords and Tenants

Adding a solar system to a commercial property offers enormous benefits to landlords and tenants. It’s a tax-saving win for landlords who can also...